Restyle with light

ColorVision - Add a touch of color
                   to your headlamps

Reflection innovation for color customization


Philips ColorVision headlights offer the ultimate in color customization thanks to a new state-of-the-art coating technology that colors reflectors. The colored effect is created by reflecting light back into the lamp’s reflector optics.


When you switch on your headlamps they are illuminated with a touch of blue, green, yellow or purple. But the beam that is projected on the road is pure white light.


ColorVision lamps are available in the most popular car bulbs – H4 and H7 so you can find the perfect color match for your ride.

Did you know?


1. ColorVision lamps are designed for reflectors as stated on packaging.


2. Regarding the reflector: usually the larger it is, the best the effect is.


3. The light effect is more visible in dark environments.


4. Effect depends on angle: the strongest effect is perceived by the upcoming driver.

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