Fidelio NC1 noise

cancelling headphones

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First class sound with the new noise cancelling headphones

Introducing the Philips Fidelio NC1 noise cancelling headphones and your passport to true high fidelity sound - untainted by noise. Enjoy superior noise cancellation with the Fidelio NC1. Full compact foldability and long-day of wearing comfort make it the best travel companion on long haul or daily commutes.

Fidelio noise cancelling headphones

What sets the Fidelio NC1 apart from the competitor is its hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) proficiency. The NC1 uses a feed-forward and feed-backward ANC solution, which features 4 microphones implemented inside and outside the ear cans that capture noise for advanced processing. This combination ensures noise cancellation over a wide yet deep frequency range for optimized music enjoyment in any environment.

Experience high fidelity sound without the noise - always

Unlike other noise cancelling headphones, the NC1 keeps delivering high fidelity sound whether the ANC is on or off. Whatever environment you are in, every acoustic note and nuance comes through clearly - thanks to precision engineering and high definition 40mm neodynium drivers.

Crafted with premium materials for ease and comfort

Quality materials like aluminum and rubber impart the NC1 noise reduction headphones with it's signature slim, compact and lightweight construction that folds multiple ways. Fitting even in the smallest carry-on handluggage, making it the essential travel companion for every journey. No matter where you go, you'll be travelling first class - all the way.

All journeys come to an end, but your music play list will not

Unlike most noise reduction headphones, the NC1 keeps you on your music journey even after the 30 hours battery runs out. Just switch off the ANC and continue to enjoy your favorite music tracks wherever you go. Recharging is easy, plug it into any power source using the bypacked micro USB cable.

Fidelio NC1 noise cancelling headphones

Premium set of features

• Consistent high fidelity sound
• Superior noise cancellation
• 40mm high definition drivers
• Standalone acoustic chamber
• Tuned frequency response
• Zero hiss
• Smart power solution and 30 hour battery
• Memory foam cushions
• Multi-way folding
• In-line control and mic
• Accessories include: elegant hard travel case, airline plug, 1.0m USB charging cable, 1.2m audio cable

Recognitions for our Fidelio noise reduction headphones

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drown out the crowds
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