Philips maintenance optimization service

Philips Maintenance Optimization Service Agreements

For your evolving business

Services beyond break-fix to meet your customers’ uptime requirements


Our reactive support and proactive monitoring service is designed to address the challenges of an increasingly competitive environment for you, our trade partners.


Through a combination of reactive support and continuous, proactive monitoring, the intention is to prevent issues before they arise. In this manner, we support you in lowering your cost of service, reducing unplanned downtime, and speeding up issue resolution to positively impact customer satisfaction.


Philips Maintenance Optimization Service Agreements help you to:

Prevent issues before they occur

Make costs more predictable

Reduce labor and material costs

Improve your customers’ experience


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Philips Maintenance Optimization Service Agreements are designed around you  


Our aim is to support and complement our partner service organizations and enable them to provide the same experience for their customers as a Philips Remote Service Organization.

Reactive support – always there, always on


Philips remote engineers help diagnose issues and solve them remotely, if possible. An issue report with advice on further actions and proposed spare part(s) changes will be provided to you in case remote resolution is not possible.


This allows you to fix certain problems with fewer onsite visits and improve FSE productivity, thereby saving costs typically generated by multiple FSE visits and excess material consumption.

Proactive monitoring – fix the issue before it happens


Smart algorithms constantly monitor critical system parameters through the Philips Remote Monitoring Center.


This remote system access allows for proactive issue remediation before events occur (when possible). Reports are created with advice of further actions and proposed part changes.

Reactive support


When you receive a call from a customer about an equipment issue, you evaluate whether it is a case that should be forwarded to Philips.

Once a case is registered in our system, our engineers remotely log into the customer’s equipment to diagnose the issue and solve it remotely, if possible. When parts need to be changed, the Philips engineer suggests the respective parts so you can fix the equipment at the customer's site.

Reactive support

 1. Customer call

  • Customer calls ITP* field service engineer
  • ITP* field service engineer registers call

2. Call forward

  • ITP* decides whether to forward the call to Philips

3. Remote support

  • Remotely logs into equipment
  • Diagnoses issue
  • Resolves fault if possible
  • Proposes resolution strategy
  • Identifies / proposes parts changes
  • Closes call

4. Fix equipment

  • ITP* replaces parts
  • Closes the complaint

■  Action required by Philips

■  Action required ITP*

* refers to indirect trade partner or distributor

Proactive monitoring


Philips constantly monitors system health remotely. Our smart algorithms generate an alert if they detect a potential future system issue. A Philips service engineer then registers the case in the system and forwards it to the remote support team.


The remote service engineer assigned to the case immediately begins to work on identifying and proactively fixing the issue, if possible. The engineer advises you on future actions and proposed part changes. This enables you to take further action in collaboration with your customer to replace the parts and repair the system before it impacts the workflow.

Proactive monitoring

1. Proactive service

  • System connects to Philips Remote Service
  • Philips monitors system health

2. Monitoring alert

  • System gives alert
  • Forward to remote support

3. Diagnosis

  • Remotely logs into equipment
  • Diagnoses issue
  • Informs ITP* field service engineer on the issue

4. Resolution support

  • Resolves issue if possible
  • Advise on future actions
  • Proposes part changes
  • Closes call

5. Scheduled


  • ITP* field service engineer executes actions
  • Replaces parts as advised
  • Hands over to hospital

■  Action required by Philips

■  Action required ITP*

* refers to indirect trade partner or distributor

* Assumption that partner organization has limited remote services capabilities but has a call center in place to report issues

Easy, intuitive case collaboration

Connection set-up

Connection set-up


Philips provides all necessary information for set-up and customer connection to the Philips Remote Infrastructure.

Remote resolution

Remote resolution


When a case is registered, our engineers remotely log into the customer’s equipment to diagnose the issue and solve it remotely, when possible.

Monitoring health system

Proactive monitoring

Philips constantly monitors system health remotely. Our smart algorithms generate an alert if they detect a potential future system issue.

A proven process
Delivering service excellence to expand your value


At Philips, we build on our experience managing connections to over 90,000 direct customer systems across 25,000 healthcare facilities in 139 countries. By enrolling in Philips Maintenance Optimization Service Agreements, you will benefit from decades of engineering expertise in remote diagnosis, troubleshooting and proactive issue resolution for connected systems.

Remain competitive

Remain competitive


Remote service helps you narrow down the root cause of an issue, which enables informed choices on spare parts and onsite visits.


Time to resolution can be decreased, enabling you to meet customer demands for improved uptime and faster case resolution. In addition, with proactive monitoring techniques, issues can be prevented before they happen, giving you an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

Benefit from an optimized response

Benefit from an optimized response


The Customer Care Center registers your call and ensures you get the fastest possible response.


With short response times, issues can be corrected quickly, adding customer value and streamlining your own processes.

Discover new business opportunities

Discover new business opportunities


Professional marketing materials help communicate the remote service value proposition and give you an opportunity to extend your customer base.


There is no need to invest in costly infrastructure, simply enroll in Philips Maintenance Optimization Service Agreements and let us take care of the rest.

Why choose Maintenance Optimization Service Agreements?
Testimonials from our direct customers

Philips Remote Service has enabled us to achieve system availability of more than 99%. Failure of our cooling water supply, for example, was detected at an early stage and a potential quench of the MR prevented.

Prof. Dr. H. P. Busch

Director of the Center for Radiology, Neuroradiology, Sonography and Nuclear Medicine, Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brüder, Trier, Germany

Philips Remote Service prevented unscheduled downtime and interruption to our patient schedule. By remotely detecting an increase in data resends from our CT scanner, our system was repaired before we ever experienced a problem.

Joseph D’Angelo

Manager of Diagnostic Imaging, Sault Area Hospital, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

Now we will have more uptime on the scanner and potentially be able to see more patients… It’s a new level of service for us, with a greater satisfaction.

David McCafferty

Superintendent Radiographer, New Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow

Ultimately, your customer’s value is your value

Downtime calls

Downtime calls can be closed faster

Issue detecting

Many potential issues can be detected through proactive monitoring

Remotely case solving

Many cases are solved remotely or on the first visit

User benefits

Technical: Expert OEM support available

Operational: Fast reaction time

Financial: No capital investment required

Clinical: Less customer workflow interruption for service calls

Strategic: Effective case resolution for a competitive advantage

Growth: Professional marketing materials to gain new customers

*Released for delivery available for LATAM and CEE

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