Magnetic Resonance

Excel in your daily MR services, helium-free

Philips MR Ingenia Ambition 1.5T

Philips MR Ingenia Ambition 1.5T

Based on its new, revolutionary fully sealed BlueSeal magnet, Ingenia Ambition lets you experience more productive¹ helium-free MR operations.


The Ingenia Ambition delivers superb image quality even for challenging patients, and performs MRI exams up to 50% faster with Compressed SENSE acceleration for all anatomies in both 2D- and 3D scanning3. Fast overall exam-time is achieved by simplifying patient handling at the bore with the touchless guided patient setup. 

Furthermore, the Ingenia Ambition offers an immersive audio-visual experience to calm patients and guide them through MR exams.

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    your department to

    helium-free MR operations1

    • Forget about helium
    • Designed to facilitate low siting and other construction costs
    • Toward uninterrupted MR operations
    • High-performance by design

    Delivers speed without sacrifice.
    Every time.

    • Accelerate exams by up to 50%2
    • Patient setup in under one minute4
    • Designed for single-operator workflow, with a smart touch
    • Standardization and efficiency across your MR fleet 

    A confident diagnosis
    boosted by new clinical capabilities

    • Answer complex clinical questions in neurology
    • Capture a wealth of information in MSK with up to 60% higher resolution2
    • Shorten breath holds by up to 40% and increase patient compliance2 
    • Expand your clinical capabilities in oncology

    Dramatically improves

    patient experience

    • Reduce acoustic noise for your patient 
    • Guide your patients through the examination
    • Provide an immersive visual experience
    • Increase patient comfort 

    Clinical cases from your peers with Ingenia Ambition 1.5T




    Female Pelvis


    Total Spine


    Brain with Compressed SENSE


    BlueSeal magnet brochure

    Transition your department towards more productive helium-free MR operations1

    Blueseal Brochure

    Ingenia Ambition 1.5T X brochure 

    Excel in your daily MR services helium-free 

    Ambition Brochure

    VitalScreen brochure

    Guidance at your fingertips

    VitalScreen Brochure

    Why sustainability matters for healthcare today – and patients in the future

    Arjen Rdder
    The earth’s precious resources are limited. Coal, crude oil and natural gasses like helium – they will one day run out. It’s a fact we’re all aware of. For years, it has been the dream of physicists, radiology managers and others working in MRI to find a way to become less reliant on helium. At Philips, we recognize our responsibility in preserving natural resources, finding alternatives and limiting the risks of helium scarcity for healthcare facilities around the world. 

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    1 Compared to the Ingenia 1.5T ZBO magnet.

    2 Compared to Philips scans without Compressed SENSE

    3 Requires appropriate service contract

    4 Based on in-house testing.

    5 SmartExam is not available for patients with MR Conditional implants

    6 Conditions apply. Selected countries only.

    7 By use of MSDE black blood pre-pulse with STIR/SPAIR, compared to our STIR/SPAIR sequence without MSDE prepulse.

    8 Only for use with MR Safe of MR Conditional implants by strictly following the Instructions for Use.

    9 Compared to scanning without ComforTone

    10 Requires service contract for 5 year after installation. Selected countries only.

    11 Even in the rare case of the magnet becoming unsealed, the negligible amount of helium escaping would not materially affect the oxygen in the room.

    *11 Even in the rare case of the magnet becoming unsealed, the negligible amount of helium escaping would not materially affect the oxygen in the room.
    *11 Even in the rare case of the magnet becoming unsealed, the negligible amount of helium escaping would not materially affect the oxygen in the room.