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Your patient’s gateway to care

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Empowering patients and expanding access with ease

eCareCompanion is an easy-to-use telehealth app that patients access on a secure tablet at home and use to share health information with their care team. With just a few simple taps of the screen, patients can enter in their vital information and submit it to their care team for review. They can also answer survey questions, respond to email messages, receive reminders about their care plan, and even have a video call with their provider.

Platform features

With the tap of the screen, patients launch eCareCompanion, enter their password, and easily begin providing vital information to caregivers in a private and secure manner. Patients answer survey questions and enter requested measurements to enable the care team’s assessment. They are reminded of pre-assigned health tasks, and can view their recent vital trends, helping them associate health behaviors with health trends. intervention.

Measure vital signs at home

Weight scale

  • No buttons to push
  • Weight information is announced (in English or Spanish) and is displayed in large numbers
  • Low to the ground for easy on-off access

Wireless Glucose Meter Accessory (GMA)

  • Allows many patients to use their existing meters
  • Works with select meters from Bayer and Abbott

Pulse Oximeter

  • Measures blood oxygen saturation level (SpO2) as well as pulse in beats per minute
  • Comfortable finger-clip sensor
  • Single button activation

Blood Pressure/Pulse Unit Meter

  • Results are displayed as large numbers on LCD panel
  • Systolic and diastolic blood pressure in mmHg, as well as pulse in beats per minute
  • Cuffs available in adult standard and large sizes

eCareCompanion Tablet

  • Integrates with wireless bluetooth devices
  • Supports manual entry
  • Embedded cellular or Wi-Fi
  • 2-way video
  • Symptom and health literacy assessments
  • Icon-based user interface

The provider view

eCareCoordinator clinical dashboard

Helping the care team prioritize and manage patients

With eCareCoordinator clinical software, clinicians can remotely monitor patient vital signs and send short surveys about health status. The combination of objective data and subjective responses enables the clinician to make timely care decisions.


Connecting care in the

Our cloud-based HealthSuite digital platform collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from multiple devices and sources. With HealthSuite, health systems, care providers and individuals have access to data-driven clinical insights on personal health, specific patient conditions and populations—supporting personalized, empowering care through collaboration across the health continuum. Learn more

Home telehealth programs for population health management

Complex care management
eIAC program

Re-imagined care delivery for the most complex patients in the care community.



Chronic disease management
eCAC program

Help reduce mortality, hospital admissions and costs for chronic patients in the community.¹


Readmission management
eTrAC program


Help reduce readmissions and costs of recently discharged patients while improving satisfaction and quality of life.²


Connected, patient-centered care

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