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Designed to rest comfortably on the face, Philips Respironics AF541 noninvasive ventilation (NIV) mask features interchangeable under-the-nose and over-the-nose cushions to achieve the benefits of NIV mask rotation while using a single NIV mask.

Addresses skin breakdown
Alternate between cushions

Alternate between cushions

Mask rotation has been proven to decrease skin breakdown, by varying the pressure points on the skin.¹ The AF541 mask allows you to alternate between over-the-nose and under-the-nose cushions, which offloads skin pressure points and supports your mask rotation strategies.
Accommodates a variety of elbows
Easy to attach and remove

Easy to attach and remove

Elbows click into place with sturdy push tabs, and release easily. The AF541 can be used with three elbows: EE Leak 1, EE Leak 2, and SE.
Aids efficient workflow || AF541 Features

Designed for ease of use

The mask can be easily lifted, or rotated and locked, to free up hands during oral care – or the CapStrap headgear can be removed completely and quickly. The mask is also compatible with traditional 4-point headgear. A convenient nebulizer port makes it easy and efficient to administer drug therapy.
Adjusts for patient comfort || AF541 Features

Choose the best fit

The AF541 mask features a push-button forehead pad for easy adjustment, as well as four sizes of over-the-nose cushions and three sizes of under-the-nose cushions, so you can choose the most effective and comfortable fit for your patients.
  • 1. Schallom M, et al. Pressure Ulcer Incidence in Patients Wearing Nasal-Oral Versus Full-Face NIV masks. AJCC. 2015 July;24(4).