Why strategic technology management is emerging as a key operational discipline in healthcare

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How to collaborate to create an innovative strategic technology management plan  

Stephanie Holden is a Director for Philips Services and Solutions UK&I and is a passionate advocate of the strategic use of technology to help health systems achieve their Quadruple Aim goals. In this insightful article she explores how hospitals can partner to share the risks and rewards by creating a vendor neutral, strategic technology management plan.


In the article Why strategic technology management is emerging as a key operational discipline in healthcare, Stephanie Holden offers her tips on what to consider when embarking on a strategic technology management partnership. These include:



Purpose over project: Identify a partner whose vision, values and operational strategy align with yours

When looking to partner with a health technology supplier to create a strategic technology management plan, ensure that your values and vision align above and beyond the project objectives. Partners with a shared bigger purpose and aligned ways of working will pull together to deliver more effectively.



Positive governance drives success from the get-go: Consider building innovative governance framework from the start.

Framing the governance process and adopting an innovative model from the start can make or break relationships, priming for success rather than failure. Rather that closing down dialogue and setting procedures in stone, a progressive governance structure can lock in trust, flexibility and collaboration by embedding the principles of shared risk and reward. It becomes a win: win from the get-go.



Prioritize the plan: Create a future-thinking strategic technology plan

With a wealth of complexity and fragmentation, hospitals can struggle to have a comprehensive overview of their complete technology enterprise, why they have it and how it fits into their long term plan and goals. An effective strategic management plan depends on the strategic start point and encompasses a full audit. This demands the removal of assumptions, an assessment of the existing landscape and situation as well as the ability to align on what the objective is.

A) Start broad to build a holistic overview

B) Build patience into the planning

C) Adopt a multidisciplinary team approach to construct a 
comprehensive plan

D) Build tangible value into the plan

E) Build in scope for the plan to encompass an opportunity 
for change management

F) Ensure that integrated information management 
is central

G) Define output-based KPIs and complement with OKRs



Technology is just part of the process: Appreciate that success and savings are ultimately dependent on change management, not technology

While technology is a key part, successful outcomes are ultimately dependent on the ability to embed change. The technology management partner is, of course, not doing anything ‘to’ the hospital, but instead is partnering with the hospital to help drive transformation.



Learn from doing – Practice makes partnership

The ability to learn from experience is also vital. Over the years, Philips has enabled measurable, sustainable technology service improvement for dozens of clients, including County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust and Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust.


Read the full article, Why strategic technology management is emerging as a key operational discipline in healthcare, and discover how Philips is partnering with global health providers and systems to think, act and succeed differently by applying its innovative Operational Intelligence approach to hospital operations management and innovation.

About the author


Stephanie Holden,

Commercial Director, Solutions Centre of Excellence, Philips UK & Ireland

Stephanie Holden leads Philips UK&I commercial activities for all complex and large scale solutions, and directs the Philips Managed Services business. With over 25 year experience in Healthcare and having started her career as a Diagnostic Radiographer before moving into industry, Stephanie combines extensive clinical and business management experience with a passion for people-powered innovation and new business models.


Most recently, Stephanie led the operational delivery and business development teams for Philips Managed Services, before taking on overall commercial responsibility for the Solutions Centre.

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David Pickering,

Senior Strategic Business Architect, Philips UK & Ireland

David Pickering is the Senior Strategic Business Architect for Philips UK & Ireland. He has been engaged in business development and operational management of large scale complex partnerships since 2003 and has a background in medical engineering.


David recently returned to the UK having spent six years living and working in Australia and the USA, as well as helping to lead the successful development of partnership projects, across the world, in Canada, Finland and Eastern Europe.

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