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PACS Systems Connectivity

DICOM Conformance Statements


IntelliSpace Cardiovascular Systems
IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 4.2 (November 2019)

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 4.1 (April 2019)

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 3.2 (September 2018)

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 3.1 (March 2018)

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 2.3 (July 2017)

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 2.2 (March 2017)

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 2.1 (November 2016)

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular 1.2 (December 2015)

IntelliSpace Cardiovascular R1.1L1 (May 2015)


IntelliSpace PACS Systems

IntelliSpace PACS 4.4.551.0 or higher (March 2017)

IntelliSpace PACS 4.4.550.0 (July 2016)

IntelliSpace PACS 4.4.526.0 till IntelliSpace PACS 4.4.550.0 (March 2015)

IntelliSpace PACS 4.4.516 (September 2014)

IntelliSpace PACS 4.4.509 (March 2014)

IntelliSpace PACS 4.4 (May 2012)


IntelliSpace PACS DCX 3.2 (February 2014)

IntelliSpace PACS DCX R3.1.0 (June 2015)

IntelliSpace PACS DCX 3.1 (January 2013)


IntelliSpace Radiology

IntelliSpace Radiology 4.5 (September 2019)


IntelliSpace Universal Data Manager (UDM)

IntelliSpace Universal Data Manager 2.1 (November 2018) 


iSite Systems

iSite R4.1 (November 2011)

iSite R3.6 (April 2008)

iSite R3.5 (August 2010)

iSite R3.3 (April 2008)

Xcelera Systems

Xcelera R4.1L1 SP1 (June 2014)

Xcelera R4.1L1 (June 2013)

Xcelera R3.3L1 SP2 (February 2014)

Xcelera R3.3L1 (August 2012)

Xcelera R3.2L1 SP2 (December 2011)

Xcelera R3.2L1 (February 2011)

Xcelera R3.1L1 (June 2010)

Xcelera R2.2L1 SP1 (June 2010)

Xcelera R1.2L4 (September 2007)

EasyAccess Systems

EasyAccess R11.1 (March 2007)
This Conformance Statement is applicable for the following products: EasyAccess Enterprise R 11.1 (HPUX), EasyAccess Enterprise R 11.1 (WIN), EasyAccess Entry R 11.1, EasyVision DX/CL/RG/Home R 11.1 and EasyCapture F/M R 11.1

  • EasyAccess R10.2 (December 2005)
    This Conformance Statement is applicable for the following products: EasyAccess Entry R.10.2, EasyAccess Enterprise R.10.2 (HPUX and W2K), EasyVision DX/CL/RG/Home/MM R.10.2, EasyCapture F/M R10.2 and the ViewForum R4.1.3.1 PACS-plugin.
  • EasyAccess R10.1 (October 2005)
    This Conformance Statement is applicable for the following products: EasyAccess Entry R.10.1, EasyAccess Enterprise R.10.1 (HPUX and W2K), EasyVision DX/CL/RG/Home R.10.1, EasyCapture F/M R10.1 and ViewForum R4.1.3.1 PACS-plugin.
  • EasyAccess R9.2 (September 2004)
    This Conformance Statement is applicable for the following products: EasyAcess Entry R.9.2, EasyAccess Enterprise R.9.2 (HPUX and W2K), EasyAccess Modality R.3.1, EasyVision DX/CL/RG/Home/ R.9.2, EasyCapture F/M R.9.2 and EasyVision DX Standalone.

  • EasyAccess Enterprise R8.2 (June 2002)
  • EasyAccess Entry R8.2 (June 2002)
  • EasyAccess Enterprise R7.2 (October 2001)
  • EasyAccess Entry R7.2 (October 2001)
  • EasyAccess R5.1 (June 1999)
  • EasyAccess Lite R5.1 (June 1999)

EasyAccess Modality Systems

EasyCapture Modality Systems

EasyAccess RIS Interface

Media Center systems

Inturis Suite Systems

Inturis Online Systems


Archive Systems

EasyReview Systems

EasyWeb Systems


WebView Systems
For conformance of the WebView systems see the Pegasys Conformance Statement on the NM/ PET section.

EasyVision DX Systems


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