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Channel Partner Finance

Access working capital solutions to grow your business with Philips

Philips Capital Channel Partner Finance can help you reduce the impact of today’s financial pressures on your business. We can support you with:


  • Closing your working capital gap
  • Lowering funding costs and achieving affordable payment terms
  • Increasing operational efficiency and growing your business

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Key benefits of financing

Our Channel Partner Finance solutions are designed to address your key healthcare challenges
  • More working capital

Raise your credit limit and obtain financing more quickly to increase purchasing power


  • Longer repayment periods

Improve liquidity and better manage customer demand by expanding inventory to meet market changes


  • Competitive terms

Receive competitive financing rates and choose from fixed and variable payment plans

Our leading Channel Partner Finance solutions

Trade Finance

Meet your short-term operational needs with working capital solutions that help increase your buying power. We offer easy access to financing with attractive rates to facilitate your inventory expansion and give you more flexibility.

Export Finance

Access long-term, cross-border hard currency financing on competitive terms for purchasing Philips Healthtech equipment. Our global network of Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) offers you attractive and affordable credit facilities.

End-Customer Finance

Facilitate long-term financing structures for healthcare providers to ease acquisition of Philips solutions. Gain accessibility to financial institutions and leasing or sub-leasing structures, so end-customers can purchase more Philips Healthtech equipment.

Channel Partner Finance structure

Finance structure for Philips Channel Partners


Spread out the costs of acquiring Philips technology or IT solutions with a customized credit limit. This limit allows you to pay back the technology over a period of 30 to 90 days. Our longer repayment periods and competitive borrowing terms give you extra purchasing power in the short-term without negatively impacting your cash flows. With this tailored finance structure, we offer you an opportunity to generate more income now and in the long-term.

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Why choose Channel Partner Finance with Philips Capital?

You save valuable time and money by building on your relationship as a preferred Philips Channel Partner. That means one contact person who will work to get you the financing solution you need as quickly and simply as possible. Our global network of banks and financial institutions allows us to select the offering and terms that are competitive and meet your cash flow needs.

Discover the full spectrum of our financing solutions


Keep quality high and costs low by leasing Philips health technology

Extended Payment Terms 

Acquire Philips health technology now and pay back over time

Channel Partner Finance

Access working capital solutions to grow your business with Philips

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