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    Precision diagnosis for Cardiology

    Every diagnosis is a defining moment

    Trust Philips every step of the way

    Empower those moments with clinically-smart diagnostic solutions, streamlined workflows, and actionable insights for data-driven cardiac care. Create clear care pathways for even your most complex patient journeys.

    Advance your cardiology diagnosis program to its fullest potential. Consult with a Philips Healthcare sales representative today.

    The drive to accelerate cardiac diagnosis workflows.
    Why now?

    Getting to quality cardiac diagnoses in the face of higher volumes, ever increasing amounts of data and cost pressures requires rigorous efficiency in daily operations.

    Work smarter—and collaborate with Philips.

    We are here to help bridge the gaps in clinical efficiency: By making difficult procedures more accessible and repeatable with AI, providing actionable insights at every care point through more intelligent data management and enabling new ways to collaborate.

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    Spotlight on: Heart failure

    Integrated workflow key to earlier treatment

    Identifying patients earlier in the myocardial disease process for initiation of guideline-driven therapy could help prolong the time until they experience advanced stages of heart failure. Diagnostic confidence and clinical efficiency are critical for making early intervention practical. Two leading physicians explain why.

    Heart failure is increasing in prevalence and results in significant costs and impact to quality of life. 1

    Experience insights from your peers

    Sebastian Kelle headshot

    Prof. Sebastian Kelle, German Heart Center Berlin, Berlin, Germany

    Cardiovascular MR for patients with COVID-19

    Cardiac MR is proving effective for assessing potential myocardial injury in both the acute and convalescent phases of COVID-19.

    Teresa Lopez headshot

    Dr. Teresa López-Fernández, La Paz University Hospital, Madrid, Spain

    Using advanced ultrasound tools to assess cancer therapy-related cardiac dysfunction

    Time-consuming methods are overcome by applying Philips Anatomically Intelligent Ultrasound (AIUS) to cardiotoxicity prevention.

    Jonathon Leipsic headshot

    Prof. Jonathon Leipsic, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada

    CT coronaries analysis

    The additional tasks associated with performing more coronary CT angiographies are resulting in a higher need for automation.

    Pei Ni Jone headshot

    Dr. Pei-Ni Jone. Children’s Hospital Colorado. Aurora, Colorado

    Expanding access to expertise in echocardiography

    Collaboration Live allows physicians to review images and provide guidance in real time without being physically present.

    Raman Danrad headshot

    Dr. Raman Danrad, Louisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

    Impact of spectral CT in coronary assessment and outcomes

    Coronary CTA using detector-based spectral CT improves workflow by eliminating a separate protocol for spectral scanning.

    Two clinicians from Cardiac Vascular Institute smile together

    Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Baptist Health South Florida, Miami, Florida USA

    Putting patients first and bringing efficiency to cardiac workflows

    Integrated, patient-centric care requires workflow technologies that help physicians make decisions based on data and insights.

    Advance workflows with meaningful innovation

    Get to confident diagnoses more efficiently with integrated cardiac imaging products and services that are designed to help care teams work more effectively throughout the patient care path.

    Our world of cardiology revolves around you

    Discover more ways we can help you manage your cardiology patients with higher quality and efficiency throughout their care journey.

    1 Bowen R, Graetz T, Emmert D, et al. Statistics of heart failure and mechanical circulatory support in 2020. Ann Transl Med. 2020;8(13):827.

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