QLAB Quantification software

QLAB is a collection of advanced clinical tools that are fast, easy to use, and provide you with results that are reproducible and consistent, bringing confidence to every study.

Mitral Valve NavigatorA.I. (MVNA.I.) || Efficient workflow

Mitral Valve NavigatorA.I. (MVNA.I.)

Easy‐to‐use guided tool to provide a comprehensive list of MV and its supporting anatomical measurements and calculations. Requires a volume from Live 3D TEE. Easy‐to‐interpret model in eight guided steps. More basic measurements regarding annulus and leaflet can be acquired in just four steps.
Cardiac 3D Quantification (3DQ) || Advanced image visualization

Cardiac 3D Quantification (3DQ)

View, slice, and display 3D volumes and measure distance and areas from 2D MPR views to get biplane LV volume, ejection fraction (EF), and LV mass calculations. Manipulate 2D planes for more accurate biplane 2D EF with no foreshortening.
Insight for clinical decisions || Diagnostic confidence

Insight for clinical decisions

How do you measure confidence? For clinicians around the world, the answer is QLAB. QLAB is a collection of advanced clinical tools that are fast, easy to use, and provide you with results that are reproducible and consistent, bringing confidence to every study. QLAB is designed to make it easy to get the data you need to drive decisions that can result in quality patient care and efficiencies. View and interrogate data on‐cart and off‐cart to enhance department workflow.
CMQ Stress || Efficient workflow

CMQ Stress

Based on 2D speckle tracking technology, CMQ Stress provides a method for assessing global, regional, and local cardiac function at rest and peak exercise. Philips fast and easy‐to‐use interface is designed specifically for stress echo exams.
Strain Quantification (SQ) || Advanced image visualization

Strain Quantification (SQ)

Provides functional data from color tissue Doppler velocities Derive displacement, strain, and strain rate
Power and Intelligence || Diagnostic confidence

Power and intelligence

QLAB 10 adds exceptional power and intelligence to advanced quantification• New user interface• New Q‐Apps that utilize anatomical intelligence• Exam worklist instead of an image‐based interface for ease of use• Patient study management, image review, and advancedvisualization and quantification
Vascular Plaque Quantification || Diagnostic confidence

Vascular Plaque Quantification to quantify atherosclerosis

Vascular Plaque Quantification is a non-invasive tool thatuses 3D technology to visualize and quantify both theoverall volume of vascular plaque in the carotid arteryand the percent area of vessel reduction, as well as othercharacteristics of plaque composition. VPQ may proveto be a valuable tool to aid in determining who is at anincreased risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease basedon this important measurement of plaque buildup in thecarotid artery.
Automated 2D Cardiac QuantificationA.... || Diagnostic confidence

Automated 2D Cardiac QuantificationA.I. (a2DQA.I.)

The ideal tool of every echo lab, Automated 2D CardiacQuantificationA.I. (a2DQA.I.) with ZeroClick technology usesAIUS for an Auto-ROI to drive the Q-App and provide rapidaccess to proven 2D EF and volumes. AutoEF is availableduring the study and so fits in with an everyday echo protocol.
Advanced Cardiac 3D Quantification (3... || Diagnostic confidence

Advanced Cardiac 3D Quantification (3DQQA)

Measures LV endocardial volumes, stroke volume (SV), and true 3D ejection fraction (EF) using semi‐automated border detection in 3D space. Offers timing assessment for each of 17 minimal regional volumes and determines a synchronicity index for all volume segments or a user‐selectable group of volume segments. Semi‐automated Q‐App to measure global 3D ejection fraction with no geometric assumption. Also provides simultaneous timing information for heart failure assessment.
Region of Interest (ROI) || Diagnostic confidence

Region of Interest (ROI)

Echo contrast and color images extract acoustic data from images.