The digital transformation in hospitals

The digital transformation in hospitals: gaps, trends, needs and more

Featuring Elad Benjamin ∙ IV 15, 2024 ∙ Podcast duration 14:12 ∙ Originally produced by Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Health informatics

Diagnostic and clinical informatics

In this podcast, from Becker’s Healthcare, Elad Benjamin, Business Leader Clinical Data Services at Philips, discusses some of the most exciting trends in digital transformation at hospitals and health systems, including the acceleration of remote care. The ability to diagnose and treat patients remotely has become more prevalent during the pandemic. This trend may be beneficial for patients who prefer to avoid hospital visits and potentially may lead to cost savings for the healthcare system. However, he shares, there are still challenges to overcome, such as the complexity of operating diagnostic devices at home and ensuring connectivity and interoperability between different systems.

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Nurses review patient data from eCareManager remote monitoring software on screens

Podcast highlights - Duration 14:12

  • The acceleration of healthcare technology and innovation is here to stay, particularly in the area of remote care.
  • Hospitals and health systems are addressing staff shortages and increasing efficiency through the use of technology.
  • Data integration and interoperability are key challenges in healthcare, but adherence to industry standards can help overcome these obstacles.
  • To enhance their digital strategy, healthcare organizations should start with identifying clinical or operational gaps and work backwards to find innovative solutions.

To address staff shortages and improve efficiency, hospitals and health systems are turning to technology. Benjamin notes that by utilizing dashboards and monitoring systems, healthcare providers can effectively care for multiple patients simultaneously. Data analysis and alerts help prioritize patient care and ensure that the right patients receive attention at the right time. Interoperability also plays a crucial role in connecting different data sources and providing caregivers with the necessary information to make informed decisions, he says.

Benjamin acknowledges that data integration remains a challenge in healthcare. While standards like HL7 and FHIR have improved data movement between systems, not all systems are fully integrated. The adoption of industry standards and the willingness to share data are essential for achieving a truly interoperable ecosystem. Analytical tools, such as generative AI, are waiting to be utilized once data is readily available.

When it comes to innovation and enhancing digital strategies, Benjamin says healthcare organizations should focus on solving specific clinical or operational gaps. Starting with the problem and working backward to find innovative solutions ensures that the technology implemented addresses real needs and delivers value.

Looking ahead, Benjamin sees the future of healthcare operations and patient care as promising. The goal is to have quick and accurate diagnostic kits at home that can provide initial diagnoses and transmit data to remote caregivers. This streamlined process will greatly benefit patients and improve their overall experience with healthcare services.


Headshot of Elad Benjamin

Elad Benjamin

Business Leader Clinical Data Services, Philips

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