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The power of medical and personal health data at

The power of medical and personal health data at

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Dreamforce 2016 | October 4-7, San Francisco, CA

In an increasingly connected world of health apps and smart devices, consumers are becoming more active participants in managing their personal health and well-being.  With its focus on health technologies, Philips is committed to improving the lives of people through innovations that make a difference.


“We’re paving the path to a healthier world by merging data, innovation and connectivity to create new technologies and programs that deliver great, actionable insights,” said Jeroen Tas, CEO Connected Care and Health Informatics, Philips.


People’s health records are very scattered today. Personal health data lives in different accounts with different providers, accessible through different apps or coming from different devices. Medical records might be scattered over different hospital systems, general practitioners and other caregivers.


At Philips we believe in the power of connecting health and of analyzing large amounts of health and wellness data for patterns and insights. We also believe that people should have control over their own health data and can decide with whom to share what data. Combining these two beliefs unlocks exciting possibilities for connected health. On an individual level this can, for instance, lead to a better understanding of the influencing factors on health and wellbeing which can drive coaching to achieve healthier behavior. When applied to a larger group the power of the data can drive what is commonly referred to as population health management.


We recognize that the power of technology and data is an opportunity that comes with concerns. To facilitate a good discussion on the topic we are introducing a concept study at Dreamforce 2016. A concept we call “Connect to Healthy”. It’s a patient-centered online experience, designed to help healthy people or patients with conditions to easily access their collection of health data, view their status and progress over time, connect to their health and wellness devices, self-report changes in their condition, receive coaching advice, make appointments with their care givers and easily share information with their care providers or other parties.

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Enabling collaboration between consumers and healthcare providers


The Connect to Healthy concept application uses Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform to connect an individual’s devices and data sources and display the data within an online app for the person to use or share. Healthcare, non-profit  or commercial organizations can create data exchange programs within the Data Exchange, built on Salesforce’s toolset, and publish these data requests into a marketplace. People  can decide to share the requested data with one or more of these programs in a secure way using Healthsuite so that the organizations can provide guidance on health concerns or use data for research or innovation

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Connect to healthy for consumers

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Connect to healthy for healthcare professionals

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Connecting care from the hospital room to the living room for COPD patients.

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Easing the burden for the people managing Type 1 diabetes

Connecting care in the cloud


Our cloud-based HealthSuite Digital Platform connects data and devices with people and providers, to enable more personalized care between hospital and home.



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