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LINNC 2016


May 23 - 25 | Paris, France | Booth #6

Come and experience the innovative Philips NeuroSuite


The Philips NeuroSuite gives you an optimized AlluraClarity FD20/15 to enhance your treatment capabilities in effective device guidance and placement in neuro interventions. Our comprehensive set of advanced 2D and 3D tools will support you during interventional neuro procedures, like AneurysmFlow* to visualize flow changes in cerebral aneurysms and XperCT with VasoCT option to see behind the clot during acute ischemic stroke treatment.

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Enter another world to see how high-quality imaging technology and advanced workflow tools become reality.

What is happening on our booth?

Be sure not to miss out on the latest innovations in imaging techniques for neuro procedures.


Visit our booth to experience:

  • AneurysmFlow the first interventional tool that visualizes and quantifies flow changes in cerebral aneurysms 
  • NeuroSuite with AlluraClarity FD20/15 
  • The latest innovations in neuro interventions 


Booth: # 6


Join our symposium about the latest innovations in neuro interventions

Tuesday 24th May, 15:30 - 16:00


Main conference room
Topics and speakers:
Prof. J. Moret, Paris, France

The Why, What and How: Practical considerations and clinical aspects of using AneurysmFlow

Dr. Vitor Pereira

The next big thing in neuro: See what is in front of our eyes

Prof. Laurent Spelle

Meaningful innovation  across the health continuum


Improving experiences of patients, providers and caregivers means moving outside the hospital walls and into a connected world. In today’s healthcare environment, it’s not enough to just diagnose and treat. Patients and clinicians alike are looking for ways to manage health conditions before issues arise, and to stay healthy long after treatment. Our solutions are strategically developed to work cohesively across the patient journey.

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*AneurysmFlow is not yet for sale in all countries.

This material is not meant for distribution in the US