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Long-term strategic enterprise partnerships with Philips

Teaming up to accelerate change in an era of value-driven care

Despite extraordinary advances in science and technology and the steadfast commitment of providers and administrators, health systems still face intense pressure to deliver quality care to all who need it within sustainable cost structures. Healthcare has become too complex, too fragmented – and too expensive. What’s required is a wholesale transformation of care delivery, with a laser focus on improving the metrics that matter to patients: quality, access, affordability and outcomes.


That’s why Philips is pioneering Enterprise Partnerships for health systems that support their financial and operational needs while promoting innovation and transformation in a value-driven era. 


Our enterprise partnerships offer hospitals and health systems an operational framework with shared accountability for managing costs, complexity, and risk.  But beyond that, we support their transition to more connected, predictive and personalized care delivery.  With a focus on both present and future, we’re helping providers achieve operational excellence today while transitioning to a future of patient-centered, value-based care.

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What's an Enterprise Partnership?

What's an enterprise partnership?

Four core components provide an agile, yet strong foundation that supports, guides and inspires each partnership to success. 

A proven approach to success

A proven approach for success


A phased and flexible roadmap for success that combines proven methodologies with expertise and experience to create custom solutions for your unique needs. 

The enterprise partnership advantage

The enterprise partnership advantage

The values and vision, perspective and know-how, innovation, analytics and patient-centered mission that drive joint value creation. 

Could your organization benefit from an enterprise partnership?

Explore common challenges in care delivery, finance and operations that can prompt change.

Enterprise partnerships at work

Since 2006, we have engaged in more than 40 long-term relationships with healthcare providers, supporting them in making care more informed, efficient, and sustainable. In North America, we led the industry with our 15-year, $300 million alliance with Augusta University Health, the first ever partnership of this type in the U.S. and the largest in the world at the time.

Latest accomplishments

Frost & Sullivan recognizes Philips for Its Global Market Leadership in Healthcare Enterprise Partnerships

Based on its recent analysis of the healthcare enterprise partnerships market, Frost & Sullivan recognized Philips with the 2017 Global Market Leadership Award for being an early mover in the field, adopting an innovative four-step process in forming healthcare enterprise partnerships, and helping providers increase the workflow efficiencies of their existing modality fleet while leveraging best-of-breed analytics solutions to streamline processes and improve overall patient experience.


Frost Sullivan
In 2016 Marin General Hospital and Philips embarked on a 15-year, $90M enterprise partnership aimed at transforming care in the current and new facilities. The arrangement, which is one of the reasons MGH has been able to remain independent, is allowing for high-quality, patient centric care to be delivered in the community, including strides in cost reduction and patient and provider satisfaction. Read about the projects and results accomplished within the first years of our partnership.
Marin general
Together, we are working to keep the Hudson Valley healthy through a model that supports innovation and transformation in a value-driven environment.”

– Michael D. Israel

President and CEO, WMCHealth

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Managed Equipment Services

Philips offers long-term, comprehensive technology management solutions that are designed to provide the latest technologies in a practical, predictable way. Including procurement, installation, management and upgrades, our Managed Equipment Services are supported by Philips education, consulting, and clinical services to enhance your institution’s operational and clinical performance today and over the long term. 

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